Sunday, August 10, 2014

Teeny Tiny Cacti- Succulent Illustrations in Copic and Watercolor

Materials: Kaimai Sol K Ink, Copic Sketch markers, various watercolors, Caran d'Ache Pablo watercolor pencils, Winsor Newton White Gouache, Fluid Cold Press Watercolor Paper

One of my favorite downtime activities is rendering plants from reference.  A rough sketch in pencil, inked with brush and Kaimai Sol K, my favorite Copic-proof ink, and let it dry a couple days.  Then basic colors with Copics, shading added later on with light watercolor washes.  Once everything's been dry for awhile, add in details with color pencils, and maybe white highlights with white gouache.  There's something very rewarding about these little illustrations- I'm honing my eye for color, playing with materials I love, engaging my interest in plant life.  A bonus is that in the past, illustrations like this make for popular sticker designs, and I plan on listing the originals in my online shop soon.