Monday, August 25, 2014

July and August Sketch Dump

Another month has gone by, and that means it's time for another sketchdump.  Things have been pretty busy around the Nattosoup studio, since the last art dump I prepared for and attended Mechacohn, completed the penciled roughs for Chapter 5 of 7" Kara (I'll be sharing those soon!), and finished the thumbnails and roughs for the children's book I'm working on with Lenore Salazar- Gizmo Granny.  With so many roughs being knocked out, it's difficult to make time for finished sketches, so most of thins fairly large post are black color pencil sketches.

Sketches from reference.

Studies for Chapter 5.

A doodle of Kara with her mother.

I found a really cute Tumbler, and did a lot of sketching from reference.

A cute mermaid doodle I'll probably turn into something later on.

More from reference and Kara smelling a flower.

Half an ink test:  Ohana Holoholo and an alternate Chica Umino style from her short anthology Spica

Even more from reference or closely inspired by reference.

And the last bit inspired by reference, including some possible Kara outfits.

A possible outfit choice for Chapter 6.

Sailor Moon in a pinup inspired Sailor costume.

Haruka and Chiba Moon hanging out in Sailor outfits.

Kara and her mother hanging out making acorn bread.

An inking test.

Bee and Puppycat crossover fanart.

Kara taking a nap with Dusty and some swatch examples.

Life studies.

Chapter 5 focuses a lot of the relationships between parents and their child, so it inspired a lot of sketches around the subject.


Kara and Tanner as toddlers.

Kara's father, Rowan, teaching her how to draw.

Figure sketches from reference.

Bottom:  A test to see how Pitt Pens play with color pencil.

A funky looking Rodeo Inspired Magical Girl.

Meldina teaching Kara how to read.

Another possible outfit for Chapter 6.

Figures drawn from reference on and The Sartorialist.  Done as warm up.

Kara inspired by above pose.

More warmups.

Possible outfits

I messed up the face, so I cut a bit of label paper in order to redo it.  Although the sketch could use fixing, I was pleased with the ability to easily correct a sketch.