About a week ago, I made the 10 hour drive (there was awful traffic outside of Atlanta, and the sky decided moving day was a good day to release the deluge)  to Nashville, TN, from Savannah, GA.  I've spent my time unpacking, trying to get organized, and doodling in my spare moments.  I get home internet on Sunday, and I've unfortunately been too busy to prepare much in the way of blog entries, although I have plenty of ideas for when things start to settle down.

With this new apartment, I'm making a big push to increase my ability to share.  I want to share my workspace, my tools, and I want to start Livestreaming and doing review videos.  This requires studio space optimized for sharing- good lighting, good organization, easy access to tools.  These were qualities my past studio spaces have lacked, so I'm excited about the change.

For those of you who've stuck with me during this interruption, I really appreciate your support.  I haven't died, I've just found it nearly impossible to find reliable guest writers as of late, and I haven't had time to write a two month long archive.


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