Drink Klip Review

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I've written another little mini review gor you guys!  This time, it isn't strictly an art tool, but a drafting table accessory!

While working at my drafting table, I like having drinks nearby, but not sweating water all over the table.  A little curious Googling led me to the KlipKup, available on Amazon for a bit less than $20.  I felt the price was a little steep for a clip on drink holder, but justified springing for it because I knew I could review it here.

The Klip Kup is really just a giant clip with a shallow cup indent.  While the Klip Kup isn't strong or big enough to hold a Bug Gulp, it's fine for water canteens, glasses of tea, and thermoses of coffee.  It cannot hold mugs, unfortunately.  

My desk (the Futuro desk available through Dick Blick) has a lot of neat cubbyholes for tools, but nowhere to safely rest a glass, and little place to clip my Kup.  I found a couple inches toward the front left out of my immediate drawing hot spot to Klip it up.

The KlipKup has a hole for drainage (or cables, if you use it for clip on storage), and very heavy glasses run the risk of pulling the Klip loose.  In theory, you could loop things like con badge lanyards at the bottom.

Since attaching the Klip Kup, I've used it daily, and have had no accidents as of yet.  Since it's so easy to attach, I'll probably bring it to conventions as well.


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