Thursday, June 06, 2013

May Sketchdump

May was a busy month for me, as I hurried to finish my thesis, prepared for graduation, and welcomed my family into the city. During this time, I kept myself additionally busy by filling my sketchbook with doodles, gestures, and sketches. During this time, I lost the flashdrive with all my comic files for the past year and a half (aha, you think I would've learned after the LAST lost flash drive, but NOPE), dropped my computer, started doing mini watercolor paintings, and graduated from SCAD with my Masters degree in Sequential Art (more on that later).

This sketchdump was prepared before losing my flashdrive, dropping my computer, or graduating, but it's been postponed because the original files were saved to the lost flashdrive. Thankfully, I had a backup on my mini laptop, but I had to wait until my family returned to upload these sketches.  There'll probably be another sketchdump soon.