Friday, June 28, 2013

May and June 2013 Sketchdump

It's been awhile since my last sketchdump, and while I haven't drawn as much as I'd like, I've still done a fair bit of drawing.  Even though I've been so busy, I still managed to make time to draw from life whenever possible, usually with my trusty standard- a black color pencil.

Here's a younger Kara concept for a mini comic I'm working on for an anthology.  In this six page comic, Kara is only six, so I wanted to make her look younger without making it difficult to tell it's Kara.  This'll be my first black and white comic since I started doing watercolor pages, so I'm interested to see how a Kara story translates to black and white.
A redesign of Naomi's face.  Still kinda noodling with her facial features.

Oh hey look!  It's my friendcode and my Mayor's design.  She's a cutie.  If you like what you see, I've been doing a bit of a riff on fashion blogs lately by posting her daily

Some Copic sketches of my Animal Crossing villagers.  Gladys (left) and Agent S (right).