New York Comic Con

This weekend, I'll be flying up to New York for New York Comic Con.  I won't be tabling, but I will have my portfolio, so hopefully I can attend some portfolio reviews.  We're leaving Thursday morning around 10 and hope to enjoy the benefits of "Professionals Day" at NYCC for the remainder of that day.  This will be my third time going to New York, and I hope I'll get a chance to explore the city a little further.  We'll be staying right on the edge of Koreatown, so I definitely plan on exploring that area.

If you're going to be at NYCC and you have my phone number, feel free to call or text so we can make plans.  If not, you can always direct message me on Twitter.

I think my hiatus is coming to an end, and I've got two 7" Kara process posts scheduled for this week, and there'll be a convention write up about New York Comic Con sometime upon my return.  I really appreciate your patience.

I think it's kind of crummy to go on hiatus and not give a good reason why, and I plan on writing a post about that (and other things) sometime after New York Comic Con.


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