Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Contest! Win Three SCAD Sequential Art Comic Anthologies!

I'm a cheater, and have only gotten three entries for this, so I'm extending the deadlines!  All due by September 14th, voting begins on September 14th, and voting ends and I'll announce the winner on September 20th, before Interventioncon.

Show me your battered, your abused, your misused and mistreated art supplies. Show me your paint splattered easels, your pockmarked drawing table, your taboret with the wobbly wheels. Show me your ink stained carpets, your eraser crumbed dining table, and you could win these three SCAD comic anthologies!

These anthologies are the real deal, produced by the Sequential Art department for the promotion of SCAD, Sequential Art, and SEQA students at conventions, to prospective students, and editors. For many of the young artists featured in these anthologies, this is a first taste at actual publication, and many of these artists have gone on to greater things.

These aren't sold in stores, and are duplicate copies I was given when one of Joseph's coworkers cleared out his desk at SCAD (I'd never sacrifice my one and onlies!). They're pretty much in mint condition, and really showcase the wide range of style and taste in the SCAD Sequential Art department. I'm shipping them at no cost to you, in a bubblewrap mailer, to ensure that they arrive safely.

Discovery, Science, and Travel (which my short, Satellite is in, along with the works of Heidi Black, Emi Gennis, and Jackie Roche!)
How do you enter?

Tweet me (@Nattosoup), email me, or comment here (this very blog post, please) with photographic proof of your maltreated workstation and trusty supplies. It doesn't just have to be art- your stained cubical, ducktaped desk chair, or gnarled writing supplies are all fair game. I'll post all entries to the blog and post a poll, and then it's up to you (and your friends) who wins the comic loot. I want all entries by August 30th, and voting begins on September 1, and the winner will be announced by September 5th, before I leave for Mechacon. So get snappin!