September is the month of conventions for myself and Ms. Heidi Black, and this time we'll be travelling to Washington, DC for Interventioncon.  The excitement is threefold- Interventioncon is a new convention for us, I've never actually been to DC, and we'll be seeing our buddies Chris Paulson (link) and Emily Kluwin (link).

Not only is Interventioncon a new convention to us, but it's a new convention in general (this is only it's second year), and it's a new TYPE of convention- it's a self proclaimed Geek convention, celebrating aspects of geek culture as divergent as video games and belly dancing.  A lot of anime conventions seem to be trending this way, and it'll be interesting to attend a convention that embraces this new hybrid of geek-ery. I'm more than a little excited about this con, as it's list of proposed panels in the comics field looks to be great and there's even a portfolio review workshop.

Heidi and I will be sharing a table for this con, and we've come up with an exciting new table theme that represents Rascals, Rogues, and Dames in a fun, geeky way- SPACE!  We've hand crafted an adorable new banner (sneak peaks were leaked to Twitter just a couple days ago), Jackson Pollucked glitter paint all over a new table cloth, and are even unifying our prices to make the Rascals, Rogues, and Dames shopping experience easier for both artist and customer.  We'll both be offering $10 sketch commissions, a select collection of mini comics, adorable charms, and fantastic buttons, and may even have a few brand new surprises up our sleeves for repeat customers.  We're Table 18 along the back row (the gold star means it's us~!), so try to make it waaay back there to come see us.  For more information about us that's on the site, you can visit the OFFICIAL INTERVENTIONCON ARTIST ALLEY PAGE.  Just scroll down until you find us, or linger and read about all the other fantastic artists who'll be attending Interventioncon this year.

So if you're in the area, swing on by and check this con out.


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