Mechacon Sketchdump

Hey guys! My phonelessness has ended, and I'm posting via the new phone. The iPhone 4S is a huge leap from my years old 3GS, and a lot less clunky. It was definitely time to upgrade. The phone came just in time too, I got it Friday evening, enabling me to take commissions on Saturday without requesting reference- big money if you're at an anime con. It also enabled me to take photos of said commissions, which I'll be sharing today.

Unfortunately, I was so swamped on Saturday that I couldn't get photos of most of my commissions, so these are the few I managed to take during the lulls in business.

If you haven't figured it out yet, My Little Pony Friendship is Magic was huge this year, and I'm glad I could easily adapt to the style. Because these are fresh off the phone, I haven't altered them in any way, including rotation.


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