Sunday, June 10, 2012

SCAD Sequential Art Mini Comics Expo

Somehow in the hustle of finals and packing for vacation, I neglected to post about SCAD's Mini Comics Expo, held recently in SCAD's Student Center. The Mini Comics Expo was hosted by the Sequential Art Department in the Student Center, and though admission was open to the public, the only students tabling were in either Mini Comics, Self Promo, or Self Publishing, so the draw was a little limited. I had a table, and while many of the students were not selling their wares, I treated the convention like I treated FLUKE.

For many, this was a first opportunity to experience tabling at a comic convention, so some of the set ups and spiels were in need of a little tweaking, but all in all, I thought it was a good mini con. My only real suggestion for next year is to offer table space for purchase to other SEQA students, but I realize that this is probably not possible due to venue size constraints, and the larger crowd may not be desirable for anxious students.

I introduced Kara treasure box freebies at this convention, and prepared 40 ahead of time, bursting with goodies. Although all 40 boxes found a home, I did not notice a spike in traffic (each box had a QR code on the outside) and I think I will include a business card in the future. These boxes will no longer be 'free with no strings attached' as they're a little pricey to be given out to every passerby, but they will be free with purchase at future conventions, starting with Anime South East in July.

The majority of my sales were, not surprisingly, buttons and charms, and halfway through the convention, I made my rounds on the con floor to spread the wealth. I was a bit disappointed by how many students were not leaving their tables to do the same. I do realize that it's a bit futile to try and make actual money at a convention like this, but the intention is to spread goodwill, and nothing says goodwill like a five dollar bill. I also did a fair amount of trading, taking copies of When I was 13 as my coin of the realm.

Well, enough with the chatter, I took some pictures, so let's get on with the show.

Students from Self Publishing waiting for the tablecloths to arrive before setup.

Heidi setting up her castle display.
Her castle is lightweight foamcore that deconstructs for easy travel.

Still experimenting with chalkboard signage. The setup in general hasn't changed much.

Heidi's setup, with a bonus Bec mugging in the picture.

A behind the table look at my setup.

The convention's started to warm up a little bit.
I had Joseph go around and take photos of some of the best setups to share with you guys.

So that was the 2012 SCAD Sequential Arts Mini Comics Expo.

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