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Its no great shakes, but I thought I'd upload my latest assignment from my 501 class.  Thumbnails, roughs, and pencils for 502 will be uploaded to my journal under a friendslock, mostly because they're not my original ideas and I feel uncomfortable with the idea that someone might think they are OR think that I'm trying to portray them as originally mine.  Everything from 501 is originally mine, good or bad, and I feel comfortable sharing it here, for better or for worse.

This assignment required us to come up with a coherant story that spans 4 'panels', telling a story.  Two had to be outdoors (one landscape, one portrait), and the other two indoors (same thing).  I decided to follow Remi around for the day, and see what sort of hijinx she got up to.

She spends her morning trying to get her car out of impound at a local parking garage.

 And then on to class, where she has a short fiction critique that doesn't go as well as she'd imagined it would.

And then on to lunch with her friends at a little diner, which goes as poorly as her critique.  They're not exactly happy with her choices lately.

(Bottom image is a tracing paper overlay of her reflection- I was too stupid to figure out how to render it the way I wanted to at the time, and I just plain ran out of time trying to get it all done in time to redo it.  C'est la vie, I might give it another go just to please myself).

At sunset, Remi finds herself at the school library, wishing she were anywhere but there.  Maybe her choices ARE pretty poor after all...

So I was practicing various things in this series- strong black placement, the backs of heads and the ears that love them, easily read body gesture, and implementing texture.  Of course, I still have a long way to go.


  1. Oh hey, I just realized, two of those heads are basically repeats! How boring! Whoops!


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