I've been pretty busy with school starting, haven't had a whole lot of time to work on personal projects, and zero time to work on my comic.  Hopefully I'll get better at juggling as the semester wears on.

My younger cousin, Maria, commissioned this from me way back in August.  I thought I'd complete it sooner, but things kept cropping up- move in, orientation, and finally, school.  I had some free time today, though, and I managed to finally finish it.  She seems pretty happy with it.

I didn't get a whole lot of character info, from what I can gather, it's a 12 year old boy from the Avatar universe.  He likes fishing, and it's a present for someone else.

Overall, I like it.  The fire turned out pretty alright, which is always a plus.    I referenced the pose, so I guess that turned out pretty ok as well.

Now is as good a time as any to mention that I'm open for commissions, albeit any I take will take a very long time to complete, what with school work.  With that in mind, I'm keeping my prices cheap.

(This is copied straight from the original post in my Livejournal)

1. Exchange- art for art.
2. Trade- art for craft
3. Art for cash (paypal)

The first two need to be OK'd by me first (as in, I need to see what you're offering). I can also take mixtures (art and cash for art, craft and art for art, craft and cash for art), and if you have a skill you think is worth trading for (graphic design, web design) I'm also interested in that too.

I'm currently able to complete the following:

Full body, no background, simple color
Bust, no background, simple color
Sketches (doesnt matter, but it will really just be a sketch, so no color)

And I want 10 for sketches, 15 for busts, 20 for full body.

What you get:
A digital copy for free in full size with no watermark
A hard copy (of the sketch) for shipping and handling in a large mailer envelope (but it'll be on sketchbook paper and unsealed)
when I have my large format printer/scanner, you'll get: a print on Bristol board for an additional 6 bucks

When the school year has settled more and I get more of my supplies, I'll also offer:
pencil color
and watercolor

done on the appropriate paper

I'm keeping my prices low because when I say I'll take a long time, I really do mean I'll take a LONG time. But I'm only going to accept one commission at a time, and I won't take on new ones until I've completed the current one. As for payment, if you're paying in cash, I'd like half before I start, the full amount when I finish (but before I send the hard copy). If you're paying in trade of some sort, we need to discuss options.

If I need to make an entry with examples of each, that's no problem.  


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