For my last assignment in Tom Lyle's class, I decided to try a more realistic style.  Some of the faces are a little lopsided, I think I needed to use stronger construction when placing the features (time to break out Uncle Loomis' Drawing the Head and Hands again!).  The head sizes aren't consistent, I think this problem is caused by the switch in styles (Remi is 6 heads tall, but these characters should be 7).  I wish I could have devoted more time to this assignment, I would have added more posters and grafitti to the back wall.  I tried to push the black placement further with techniques I stole learned from studying Eduardo Risso.  

I wasn't so hot on this assignment for Larison.  We were given a prompt and then assigned to draw in a style that's different from our normal styles.  I chose to attempt a more natural style (but got away with keeping my general body construction).  These took longer than I would have liked, and I had to work with a mirror in order to get facial expressions.  I had trouble pushing the mouth positions to be more interesting, I'm not skilled enough to push the nuances.  I would have liked to have put in backgrounds on the last page, but I was seriously short on time (although that's no real excuse), and that tech pen cross hatching took forever anyway.  I used quill (which I had a lot of trouble with- acrylic ink gums up quillpens and I had to keep switching out nibs), brush, and techpen.

Sorry this is huge, the text is small.  Not that its all that great or necessary to read.  

For all of these assignments, a big ol' dose of 'extra time' would've produced better results.  Well, I have the break to get faster and next semester to make amends for my past sins.

Sketchdump should be on my Livejournal within the week.  Then back to my usual schedule of digital art.


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