Header Image Uncropped and 404 Lost

The other day, when I made a post regarding the new header, I hadn't bothered to post the actual project that I cropped my header from.  Let me amend that right now:

I'm not sure how many people put a lot of thought into their headers, nor how many viewers really spend time considering headers when reading blogs, but I'd spent a little time brainstorming for my blog's header.  The idea I came up with was "artblock", and the the sketch was this.  The dragon is, of course, artblock, the girl in the castle is Remi, the main character (for the most part) of my webcomic, Ready Set Go!, and the valiant figure in the foreground is me.  It's my job to rescue my characters from their towers and to sneak them past artblock.  Pretty lame, but for a blog header, I think I'm allowed to be lame.

I was able to start inking another project today, and actually finished it only a moment ago.  It's the 404 Lost image for my website, featuring Remi, Sammy, and Julia.

There's nothing too exciting going on here, I definitely don't like how Julia is looming in the background, I probably should have kept the image just Remi and Sammy looking at a map.  I tried a different method of shading, a method that I'll continue to use for my 403 (Forbidden) image.  This will probably be the last thing I upload before moving to Georgia, and after I get moved in, I'll try to get started on drawing Chapter 2.  The website should be officially up soon, hopefully with enough content to not be embarassing, but I'll continue to update images over here too.


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