Removing the Background from Watercolor Illustrations-Digitally Correcting Watercolor Pages Part 4

The three part series now has a Part Four!  Today I want to show you guys how I do very basic color correction and adjustment on my watercolor pages using Photoshop, and I'm also going to demonstrate a simple method for removing the backgrounds from illustrations you may wish to use.

Part 1 focused on Color Correction as well, but this segment provides more information on basic color correction.  Part 2 talks about resizing elements and correcting tone digitally.  Part 3 covers lettering and ballooning in Photoshop.

As of now, there isn't an elegant way to thread Tweets on Blogger, so I hope you guys will bear with me.  I want to archive these tutorials in a way that's easier for casual readers to find.  I recommend you click through to the thread- images are larger and easier to understand.  However, this post makes it easier for artists interested in this information to find these tutorials and collates the information in a way that can be searched by Google.

Color Correcting:

Removing Backgrounds

This is part one of a now five part series on digitizing, correcting, and lettering watercolor comic pages!  If you're interested in more about the digital side of my watercolor art, please let me know- I'm happy to create more tutorials that showcase that side of the process.  If you enjoy my art, we're preparing to launch the Kickstarter for Volume 2 of 7" Kara!  Almost all of the art in this watercolor correction series is from Volume 2.  If you Follow us on Kickstarter, Kickstarter will let you know when the project has launched!  And if you're interested in learning more about 7" Kara, I have a mailing list that talks about 7" Kara in depth.


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