Figure Drawing for Comic Artists!

Come learn the secret to figure drawing and learn how to draw your own comic and cartoon characters.  In this class, we're going to learn how to transform basic shapes into anything you wish to draw- including people!

Register through Plaza here!

In From Stick To Figure, we're going to talk about Constructive Human Anatomy- a system of breaking down the human figure into basic shapes.

If you can draw stick figures,  circles, eggs, rectangles, and triangles, you're off to a great start!  This system can be modified for any art style- from realism to extreme cartooning, and once you have the basics, it makes quickly and accurately drawing figures and characters so much easier!

Learn how adjusting basic body shape and proportions can change your art and give your characters a fresh feel! 

Learn how to draw challenging subjects such as feet and hands! 

Learn how to draw the head from multiple angles! 

Gain confidence in your figure drawing and character design skills! 

From Stick to Figure
Sunday, September 8th, 1-4PM
Plaza Artist Materials
Nashville, TN
$25 admission
Ages 13 and up

Register through Plaza here

Not in the Nashville, TN area?  Full presentation is available to my Artnerds on Patreon!  


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