The Future of Copic Markers in the US

Last week, we talked about Imagination International Inc's split from Too, Copic's Japanese manufacturer.  We speculated what the future might hold for Copic in the US, and discussed where one can buy Copic products now, including refills.

Fortunately, it seems my speculation was off in a couple ways- Too will not be solely distributing Copic in the US, and their new distributor is already quite established in the US art supply retail sphere.

Copic's new US distributor is MacPherson. MacPherson's is a distributor, carrying creative products that include artist and lifestyle brands. They carry a range of art products from acrylics to watercolor to leathercraft, but seem to cater towards art supply retailers, rather than individual customers.  Brands carried by MacPherson include Amsterdam, Dr PH Martin's, Marabu, Holbein, Sennelier, and more. 

MacPherson's Copic listings include several retail displays, as well as Bleedproof Marker Pads, Swatch books, tutorial books, the Copic ABS system, Copic Wide markers, Copic PM Pads, the Copic Gasenfude brush pen, retail displays for Various Inks, Copic Sketch markers, Copic Wide markers, and more.

It looks like MacPherson will carry:

Copic Ciao (openstock displays, sets)
Copic Original (openstock displays
Copic Sketch Markers (openstock displays, sets)
Copic Wide Markers (openstock)
Copic Various Ink (openstock, displays)

Copic Marker accessories such as:
Copic Marker Nibs
Copic Original Empty Markers
Copic Sketch Empty Markers
Copic Tweezers
Empty Various Ink Bottles
Empty Copic Wide Bottles

Multiliner Calligraphy Pens
Multiliner Sets
Multiliner SP pens
Disposable Copic Multilners
Copic Opaque White
Copic Gasenfude
Copic Mutiliners in various colors
Copic Multiliner Displays
Spica glitter pens (openstock, display, and sets)

Copic Sketchbooks
PM Pads

Marker cases and stands
Marker wallets

Tutorial DVDs

Distribution Information

MacPherson's will direct purchase and distribute Copic Markers in North America.  They are rolling the price on Copic markers back to what they were before the price increase.  This change took place way back in January of 2019.  It seems that Copic switched to MacPherson as a way of strengthening the continued supply of Copic products in North America, and this partnership also allows for the establishment of Too Corporation Americas.  The MacPherson network will allow Too to ensure that there will be no distribution in the supply chain, and Too Corporation of Americas will be exhibiting at NAMTA 2019 as the official manufacturer of Copic.  They also provided the MSRP and MAP of Copic Markers

COPIC Sketch:  MSRP $7.99  MAP $5.85  
COPIC Classic:MSRP $7.99MAP $5.85
COPIC Ciao:MSRP $5.49MAP $3.90

MacPherson sells to:
Blick Art Materials
Ex Libris (SCAD's bookstore)
Starlandia Reclaimed
Artisan's Art Center
Artist and Craftsman Supply
Paper Party and More
David Art Center
Mo's Art Supply and Framing
Creason's Art Supply
Art Mart
Mink Crafts
The Starving Artist

and many more stores.  

If you want to check to see if Copic will still be available in your area, you can search for your retail location here!  Hobby Lobby and Cheap Joe's were not in the listings, but this does not mean they will not carry Copic, just that MacPherson's does not list them as retailers.


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