1 Million Views Art Supply GIveaway

To celebrate getting over 1 million views on the Nattosoup YouTube channel, I've purchased and carefully curated an amazing selection of goodies designed to get you pumped up about making art and playing around with traditional art supplies!

I'm giving away:
  • 24 Marker set of Blick Studio Brush Markers
  • 6 additional Blick Studio Brush Markers in skintones
  • 1 Blick Studio Brush Blender Marker
  • 3-pack of Sakura Pigma Professional waterproof and marker proof brushpens (FB, MB, BB)
  • 12 pan set of Kuretake Gansai Tambi
  • 8 Piece set of the Reddot Design Award winning Lyra Colorstripe color pencils
  • Pack of Hara Peco Seal Bento Stickers
  • Pack of Bento Box paper flags
In case you were wondering, that's over $100 worth of pure art supply gold.

This represents a few of my favorite things we've done here on this blog and on the celebrated Youtube channel. I've spent hundreds of hours reviewing awesome sleeper brands of markers like my favorite, Blick Studio Brush Markers. I've demonstrated awesome inking techniques for watercolor and marker. I've unboxed fun subscription boxes like Artsnacks, Sketchbox, and Zenpop.jp, and I've explored art supplies from around the world.

This giveaway lets me put what I've learned into a tight package you can use to make amazing art, but also allows me to invite you to join my behind-the-scenes mailing list, Artnerds Unite, where I talk about my drive to create art learning resources, get into the nitty-gritty of the blog and YouTube, and just share some of my experiences as a teaching artist.

So help spread the word about the giveaway (it gives you more entries!) and join me on my next endeavors to create free, practical art resources for the working artist or hobbyist.


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