Copic Marker Class- Coloring People with Copic

Coloring People with Copic

I am so excited to announce my second Copic marker centric class with PlaZa Art!  Coloring People with Copic will expand on the techniques and tricks demonstrated in my Alcohol Marker Basics class.  As those of you who follow my Instagram probably know, I love drawing people, so this class is a wonderful combination of two of my passions- alcohol markers and cartoony illustration!

June 1st, 1-4PM
$25, all supplies provided.
Ages 13 and up

This class is perfect for stampers, scrappers, and illustrators!  You don't need to be an artist, as line-art will be provided for your use, but you're welcome to doodle along.  We're going to talk about selecting colors for skin, hair, and eyes, and cover techniques for makeup, blush, and shadows!
To register, you can call the Nashville PlaZa at 615-254-3368 and select extension 4, or you can email

For my first Copic class with Plaza, Alcohol Marker Basics, I created a TON of bonus material that I'm sharing with my Artnerds on Patreon.  From blends that always work to easy skintones to linearts that they can print and practice, my Artnerds have gotten a first look at everything students in my physical classes benefit from.  I even created a handful of bonus tutorials for Youtube to help me hone my presentation and keep my skills sharp.  If you can't physically attend my comic or Copic classes, the next best thing is to join my Patreon for just $2 a month and gain access to all class materials, including handouts, printables, presentations, and class video.


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