Monday, May 13, 2019

Alcohol Marker Basics Class Presentation

This presentation was created for my Alcohol Marker Basics class taught at the Nashville PlaZa.  It's one of a handful of Copic classes I'm teaching with PlaZa.

Of course, this is just a teaching guide- the class is much richer!  Hands on demonstrations, loads of marker accessories and materials to experiment with, and directed guidance are all part of the class experience that just can't be conveyed online.

If you're in the Nashville, TN area, and want to learn about alcohol markers, sign up for one of my classes!  My Copic marker classes are hands on and quite interactive, and attendees are encouraged to experiment and play!  We have Coloring People with Copic, Coloring Flowers with Copic, and Copic Markers on Toned Paper coming up in the near future, so register to reserve your place!

Normally my class slideshows are privileged information- accessible only to my students and my Artnerds, but I currently have no method to email presentations to PlaZa students, and I did promise to make it available after the class.  Artnerds will have access to the handy Resource document I created that collates information, recommended colors, and links to my favorite tutorials, access to the linearts I created (as printables), and early access to the Copic marker video tutorials I created to help me prepare for this class. If you'd like access to those, now is a great time to join me on Patreon!  Pledges start at just $1, and $2 basically grants you access to all the goodies, from early access videos to class materials like printables, resource docs, and even class videos!

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