Weekly Art Stream

If you enjoy my art, my art supply reviews, or my tutorials,then you need to join me for Power Hour!

What's Power Hour?
  • Free sketch requests
  • Drawing Demos
  • Art supply raffles
  • Art Supply Demos

Power Hour is my weekly artstream over on Youtube!  We begin at 8PM, and where the evening goes is up to you!  Want me to draw your character live on air?  We can make that happen!  Interested in learning a new drawing technique?  Shout it out!  Want to see a product demonstration?  Let me know, I can probably make it happen.  Power Hour is our opportunity to hang out, get to know one another, and maybe learn something new!

Power Hour's gone on for three weeks now, so I feel like we've hit a good rhythm and I'm finally ready to announce it to the masses!

You can make sure you never miss a Power Hour by subscribing to my Channel and hitting the little bell notification!

Missed our first three streams?  Here're the highlights!

Week 1

  • Alcohol marker doodle
  • Sketch Requests
  • Surface Design Demonstration
  • Zebra Mechanical Pencil Demonstration

Week 2

  • Sketch Request
  • Alcohol Marker Commission
  • Cut paper demonstration

Week 3

  • Sketch Request
  • Figure Drawing Demo
  • Multi-color pencil Demo
  • Watercolor Confections Watercolor Swatches
  • Watercolor Confections Raffle
  • Succulent Painting Demo

Sounds amazing?  Then join us tomorrow night at 8PM, over on my Youtube


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