Exciting News for Making Comics and Zines

I'm super excited about Making Comics this winter!  I just had an awesome meeting with Nashville Community Ed and Wake Up To Comics, a local comic shop, and I have some exciting class developments to share!

So this is all still the same: 
  • It's $69 for all six classes (so about $10 and some change per class) 
  • Classes is 6-9PM on Thursdays at the Cohn School in Room 112
  • Classes begin January 24th and continue until February 28th.  
  • Class ends with a minicomic and zine exchange.
  • You can register through Nashville Community Ed here.
  • NCE now has scholarships available!  Learn more

But now:
  • Wake Up to Comics is a Making Comics sponsor.  This means more and better class materials for registered students!
  • Bonus seventh class (the zine/minicomic exchange!) at The Groove, in East Nashville, home of Wake Up to Comics
  • Anyone 16 and older can take the class with parental consent, anyone 13 and older can take class if a parent is also registered for Making Comics.
Class six of Making Comics and Zines- the minicomic/zine exchange!

Minicomics and zines produced by students

Ok, so what can I expect?
  • Basic class materials- pencils, paper, pens- will be provided for you, but you're welcome to use whatever you're comfortable with!  
  • Instructor will provide brushes, nibs, inks, and various papers for students to experiment with
  • Expect to produce 8 pages of content- either a comic, a zine, or a combination of the two.  More is great, but we're aiming for 8 pages.
  • Expect to keep a sketchbook during class
  • Be prepared to share your work in class and online for feedback and comic/resource recommendations (if you are not comfortable doing this, please let me know.  You're still welcome, I'll just make a note not to ask you to share your work in class)
  • Access to a large library of zines, comics, and art resource books available to borrow
  • Instructor (me!) will handle printing materials, so you don't need access to a printer, but access to a scanner will be helpful.  No scanner?  Let me know- we can arrange something
  • Class ends with a Bonus seventh class- a zine exchange at The Groove!  Students will enjoy snacks, exchange zines, and enjoy one another's work.
  • Join the Nashville comic/zine community- students stay in contact after class has ended
How does this differ from Making Comics and Zines (Fall 2018)

While students are welcome to make zines during class, the focus is primarily on comic craft and making comics.

Low on funds but want to apply?  NCE has scholarships available

So now I have a favor to ask of you!  Please, please, please share this information- on Twitter, on Facebook, wherever you think it might reach someone who might be interested!  We're aiming for a full class.


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