Comic and Art Goals for 2019

  • Finish Volume 2 of 7" Kara (Finish painting chapter 8, letter chapters 7 and 8, bonus chapter, collate bonus materials, cover, layout book, Kickstart)
  • Teach at least one more 'semester' with Nashville Community Ed (beginning Jan 24th)
  • Put together Mermay 2018
  • Put together Lilliputian Living Volume 2
  • Improve as an artist in concrete ways- more figure drawing, draw from life, work on drawing faster
  • Create postcards to send out to agents and editors- actually send these out
  • Use time more effectively/structure your days better
  • Close this blog
  • Work through review backlog, find a way to organize that information so others can find it easily
  • New set of wooden charms or color acrylic charms
  • More detailed standalone illustrations/illustrations with more storytelling


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