2018 Holiday Watercolor Gift Guide

Give yourself a little something this year!  I know my readers deserve a little treat, and will enjoy everything on this curated list of watercolor favorites!  This year's gift guide is for you-new watercolor supplies or old tricks we've overlooked that can really make a difference.  Recommendations are based on some of my favorite products of 2018, or inspired by my favorite new techniques, and are inspired by my Artnerds on Patreon!

Not a watercolor artist?  Stick around- my comic artist gift guide is in the works!

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2018 Watercolor Gift Guide


Left to Right:  MozArt Komorebi, Da Vinci Mixing Set, Qor Travel Set, Daniel Smith Primatek, Daniel Smith Travel Half Fans, Primatek Pearlescent 

MozArt Komorebi set
$29.99 on Amazon

Product Demonstration:

Da Vinci Mixing Watercolors
12 Full Sized Pans-$56.00 on Jerry's Artarama

Product Demonstration:

Qor Travel Set
$59.99 on Blick

Qor 6 Color Introductory Set
$20.99 on Jerry's Artarama

Product Demonstration:

Daniel Smith Half Pan Sets
Various Sets Available
Ultimate Mixing Set (15 colors)- $74.49 on Blick

Product Demonstration:

Daniel Smith Primatek Set
6 tubes, 5ml each, $$26.17 on Amazon

Finetec Metallic Watercolor
Various prices, starting at $5.80 on Blick

Product Demonstration:

Blick Premier Watercolor Paper
Various prices and sizes, starting at $14.75 only on Blick

Stonehenge Aqua Hotpress
Starting at $14.50 per pad at Jerry's Artarama

Stonehenge Aqua Coldpress
Starting at $14.50 at Jerry's Artarama

Cheap Joe's Kilimanjaro Coldpress
Starting at $21.89 only at Cheap Joe's


❄️Watercolor Sketchbooks:❄️

Canson Watercolor XL
Starting at $5.75 on Blick (available at Walmart and Michaels as well)

Blick Studio Watercolor
Various sizes, starting at $5.66 only on Blick: https://www.dickblick.com/products/blick-studio-watercolor-pads/

Handbook Handmade Watercolor
Available in various sizes
6"x6"- $25.50 plus shipping on Amazon

Product Demonstration:

Handbook Fluid
Available in various sizes
6"x6"-$10.92 on Amazon

Product Demonstration:


Menso and Sumi Brushes
Set of Three Kuretake Menso Brushes $36.79 on Amazon

Product Demonstration:

Silver Black Velvet Synthetic and Squirrel Brushes
Prices varies by size, available through Blick


Pentel Brushpens
Full set of 18 Pens-$99.90 on Amazon

Product Demonstration:

Winsor and Newton Gum Arabic
$14.72 on Amazon

Product Demonstration:

Winsor and Newton Masking Fluid
$11.49 on Amazon

Product Demonstration:

Ceramic Brush Stand
$7.50 on Amazon

Ceramic Palettes:
7 Well Flower Mixing Palette: $11.28 on Amazon
Large 7 Well Palette: 14.99 on Amazon
Small Watercolor Dishes, 15 count: $24.99 on Amazon

Butchers Tray
Various prices and sizes on Amazon


Pebeo Masking Marker
$5.50 on Blick

Paint Pucks
$3.99 on Blick

Empty Pans and Half Pans
50 half pans, $8.99 on Amazon

Empty Palettes
Honbay 12 half pan palette: $8.99 on Amazon
MEEDEN 24 half pan palette: $13.99 on Amazon
MEEDEN 48 half pan palette: $18.99 on Amazon

Altoids or Mint Tins

HomeAid Magnetic Palettes:
$10.99 on Amazon

❄️Drawing and Lineart:❄️

Color Eno Colored Leads
.7 leads, all 8 colors, 2 packs- $15.99 on Amazon

Product Demonstration:

Sakura Pigma FB, MB, and BB brushpens
Pack of all 3- $8.86 on Amazon

Product Demonstration:

Pentel Pigment Brushpens
Extra Fine- $6.50 on Amazon
Medium- $5.93+ shipping on Amazon

Product Demonstration:

I hope you guys enjoyed this year's Watercolor Gift Guide!  It was such a good year for watercolor, particularly easing access or offering once cost prohibitive watercolors in more affordable curated sets.  My particular favorites in that category are the Daniel Smith and Qor half pans- these can be a great place for an artist interested in professional watercolor to begin their collection.

After reading this gift guide, if you're interested in a curated recommendation on a specific budget, feel free to drop me an email or message me on Patreon!

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