Mechacon 2018 Announcement

This weekend, I'm going to be set up at Mechacon's Colonial Bazaar (artist alley) as part of their Artisan Market.  I'm going to have all sorts of goodies for sale, including

  • 7" Kara, my watercolor, all ages comic
  • Various minicomics, including Lilliputian Living, Favorite Fictional Femmes, and Cicada Summer
  • Handpainted wooden charms and laser cut wooden charms
  • Stickers and miniprints
  • Commissions
  • Mini Watercolors

New Watercolors for Mechacon

Uchako fanart

Bakugo fanart

Sylveon fanart

Espeon fanart

Vaporeon fanart

Other Goodies to Check Out: 

Laser Cut Wooden Charms

Original Comics

Cute Accessories

Handpainted Charms


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