Ways to Support My Work Outside of Patreon

With Patreon's changes to how they charge fees, I realize that some fans may be up in the air on who they can afford to support.  I want you guys to know that I value your support in any way you can afford to give it, and increased shows of support inspire and encourage me to continue to strive to produce quality art education content for the masses.  This said, if you cannot afford to support me on Patreon, there are other valuable ways you can support and encourage my work that won't cost a dime!

So even if you can't afford financial support, here are some other amazing ways you can encourage my work and help support me: 

If you want to throw money my way for my work: 
  • Tip me for particularly helpful video and posts on my Ko-Fi, on a case by case basis 
  • Come by my table at conventions and purchase books, commissions, or originals
  • Order a copy of 7" Kara Volume 1 from my shop 

If You Want to Support My Work In Other Ways

 If you have a website, please throw up a link for my blog or channel in your Links section.  
This massively helps my SEO, and helps other people find my work becase Nattosoup Studio Art and Process Blog will show up higher in Google search results. 

Amplify my art education resources by: 
  • Sharing it to Pinterest 
  • Sharing it to Facebook 
  • Sharing it to Tumblr 
  • Sharing it to Twitter

 This would help so much, and it seems that social media has moved away from sharing and engaging the work of others.  But as always, your recommendation, your good word, goes a long way towards inspiring those who trust your recommendations (friends, family) to give my reviews and tutorials a shot.

 Putting in a book request for 7" Kara at your local library 
This is free for you, and libraries have funds for acquisitions!  7" Kara is a children's comic, intended for ages 7-11. 

Youtube Engagement 
  • Engaging me in my Youtube comments 
  • Subscribing to my Youtube channel and clicking the bell notification so you don't miss updates. 
  • Watch my Youtube videos to the end 
  • Engaging, subscribing, and watching my videos helps improve my Youtube analytics, and will help new viewers find my work, as Youtube will prioritize my channel in their algorithms. 
  • Publicly recommending my blog and channel to your friends as a resource 

Not only does this show me that the work I do has value, merit, and helps others find tutorials and reviews that are relevant to their needs, but it shows others that I have the qualifications necessary to answer their questions, and helps me build social value. 

Shooting me questions via email for the monthly Mailbag 

This gives me curated, direct questions to answer, and helps other people with the same question find information quickly.  It also inspires tutorials and reviews. 

Engage me on Twitter
You can find me @Nattosoup!  

Engage me on any platform with specific, concrete compliments and requests
This is by far the biggest help- I'm the sort of person who thrives on encouragement, and it's often few and far between when it comes to this blog.  With no feedback and no direction from my reading audience, it's difficult for me to know what to write about, and as I'm not a mind reader, I have no idea what people want to know.  Without engagement from you, my readers, I'm wholely reliant on my Artnerds on Patreon for guidance.  If you'd like to see a particular topic, engage me and praise me over my past work on that topic, and ask specific questions.


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