Lineart Inks for Copics

A list of inks that are compatible with Copic and other alcohol markers- i.e. will not smear if alcohol markers or inks are applied on top.

For lining pens and inks not Copic-compatible, you can render first, then create your lineart after.

The basic formula: 

Pigment inks are generally going to be alcohol marker and watersafe, but this is not a given.  Inks that utilize a shellac or plastisol binder, such as acrylic inks and many Indian inks, are not alcohol marker safe.

Below is a list of inks I've tried and can recommend.  I'm sure there are more alcohol-marker safe inks available, and I encourage you to experiment and report back with the results!

Bear In Mind:

  • Dry markers are more likely to smear inks
  • Heavy applications of ink are more prone to smearing
  • Inks should be allowed to cure for at least 1 hour
  • Inks applied by nib are more likely to smear, as it's a heavier application
  • Acrylic inks are re-activated by alcohol solvents, and will smear
  • India inks with lacquer or shellac will reactiveate and smear
  • Paper plays a role in smearing and compatibility

Since this is an ink related post, I urge you guys to check out Ink Drop Cafe, a webcomic collective.  You can read over a dozen wonderful webcomics free!

Technical Pen and Fineliners:

Stabilo Point 88 and Point 68 (I would assume this is true for all the Stabilo Fineliners)- Dyebased, and not waterproof

Copic Multiliner

Copic Multiliner Brush Pens
Sky Blue

There are many other colors available in Multiliner brush, but I've had poor performance from the Purple, and hesistate to recommend colors I have not swatched.  Copic used to have a wide range of colors available for Multiliner SP Brushes, but those are no longer available.

Sakura Micron

Sakura Brush Pens
Note: I haven't had an opportunity to swatch and test all the colors available

Sakura Pigma Sensei

Neopiko Line 2
Neopiko Line 3

Pitt Pens (fineliners)- note: not all colors were tested, if there's interest, I can do this.

Chameleon Detail Pen

Marvy LePlume Pigment Pen

Plumchester- Available in P 1.5 (brush) and P 4

Pens Purchased in Japan: 

08 Color Master Milli
Slider Fine- Graphic
Tachikawa Finepoint System
Pigma Comicline 08
Procolor II

Brush Pens:

Sakura Pigma

Sailor Mitsuo Aida
Sailor Ryofuka

Copic Gasenfude- this is supposed to be alcohol marker proof, and is marketed as such, but multiple field tests by Kabocha have proved otherwise, so I recommend avoiding.

Kuretake Fudegokochi Pilot Fude Brush Pilot Petit Sign (I assume the ink would be alcohol proof regardless of the tip)- You can fill these with the ink of your choice, if you convert it to eyedropper. This was tested with the ink in the cartridge. Note- Only tested for black

Pitt Pens, including Big Brush

Copic Multiliner
Copic Multliner SP BS  (smaller brush)

Sakura Pigma Brush
Prismacolor Illustrator Pens
Purples for Copic, Prismacolor, and Sakura Pigma all seem to smear with water and with alcohol ink, and should be avoided or used last.

Gel Pens:

Hi Tec C (Black)
Pentel Slicci
Pentel Technica
Pilot Frixon
Pilot G-2 (black)
Papermate Inkjoy Gel

Zebra Supermarble

White Inks:
Sakura Gellyroll
Uniball Signo

Fountain Pen Inks: 
Platinum Carbon Black Ink

Liquid Inks:
For use with brushes and dip pens

Kuretake Sumi Ink 60
Yasutomo Sumi Ink

Koh-i-Noor (for Rapidograph pens)

Winsor and Newton India Ink (non waterproof)

Walnut Ink

Kaimei Drawing Sol K
Thanks to Kabocha, BomberBee for help with this post!


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