Monday, December 11, 2017

2017 Patreon Recap

Initially I was going to wait until the end of December to release this post, but in light of Patreon's recent changes, I feel it might be best if I release it now.

For the past two years, this blog has continued thanks to support, both financial and emotional, from my Artnerds on Patreon. As pageviews and vocal support for this blog have gone down over the years, Patreon support inspired me to keep writing and sharing, and to introduce increasingly lengthy and technical tutorial series (Watercolor Basics and Intro to Comic Craft).  Without the support of my Artnerds, I would have tossed in the towel in early 2016. 

This week, Patreon released a change to their fee structure (link post), that means Patrons now shoulder all the fees- $.35 a transaction+any international fees as well.  Creators voiced their outrage and requested the ability to pay those fees, and Patreon doubled down, causing many creators to opt to leave Patreon.

I'm not currently in a position to do so- I'm about to be MIA for two weeks due to visiting family in Luling, and I generally have spotty internet at best.  I've already notified my Artnerds of their options, and set up a poll, and when I'm at full capacity in January, I plan on acting based on their needs and requests.

If you enjoy the content on this blog, now would be a fantastic time to consider showing your support, either finacially or by signal boosting and sharing my work!

So what does Nattosoup Studio, Art and Process Blog have to offer?

What I currently offer:

  • Daily (or near daily) Early Access Videos to Patrons
  • Frequent 'bonus' videos such as nib reviews, or Crayola tutorials- these are not part of the Youtube update schedule
  • Monthly Sketchbook PDFS (often multiple, separated out by media)
  • Monthly Mini Comic and Art Resource Downloads
  • Youtube updates on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday
  • Blog updates on Monday and Thursday
  • Paid ($30) guest post opportunities to other artists and comic creators
  • Video Con Recaps
  • Comic Artist Interviews at most conventions
  • Introduction and Population of Organizational Hubpages
  • Introduction of Longrunning, well researched series such as Intro to Comic Craft and Watercolor Basics

Not covered by Patreon
Answering Asks and creating Tutorials and Reviews for How to be a Con Artist
Working on and updating 7" Kara as a webcomic
Work with Ink Drop Cafe
Conventions and convention streams
'Bonus' videos like nib reviews, off the cuff things

Goals Unlocked by Patrons in 2017: 

$125- Monthly Sketchbook PDF's
$90- Backer access to digital watercolor assets via Gumroad
$75- Backer access to a PDF copy of 7" Kara, Volume 1 via Gumroad
$60- Backer access to my library of mini comics via Gumroad

Money Earned from Patreon (Jan 2017-November 2017)
(minus December)

Money Earned from Adsense
Blog: $41.47
Youtube: $450.08
 (Blog and YT combined): $491.55

Money Earned from Project Wonderful: $3.44

Amazon Affiliates Earnings: $229.87

Total Earnings: $1947.10

Blog and Youtube Expenses for 2017

2.5k Giveaway: 

First Prize- $80 in drawing supplies, plus $40 to ship to the UK (OUCH)
Second Prize- $60 in drawing supplies, plus $20 shipping (still ouch)
Third Prize- $40 in drawing supplies, plus $20 shipping

What this meant for the general audience:  The chance to win free comic supplies.

Total Spent: $260

NATTO Scholarship- $1,000, sent via check

What this meant for the general audience:  A small art focused scholarship with few strings attached, with little competition (we only had about 20 applicants)

Video Editor- Paid on average $205 a week to edit my backlog of video.  Joseph estimates that we will have paid him $3690 by the end of this year.

What this means for Patrons: Near daily Early Access videos, when videos are available for me to upload.

What this means for the general audience:  Updates have increased from twice weekly (Saturday and Tuesday) to nearly five days a week (Tuesdays, some Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays)

Guest Posts- $30 per guest post, 8 paid guest posts this year, $240 so far this year

What this means for the general audience:  A wider perspective on how comics are made, what materials artists use, and what techniques are available.  Paid writing opportunities for comic artists, opportunities for exposure and promotion, better SEO for their webcomic projects.

Materials to Review (this is not an all inclusive list by any means, just the materials I can quickly think of off the top of my head)

Blick Illustrator Markers (purchased for the YT)- Price is no longer available, a set of 12 is $14.99
Crayola Signature Brush Markers- $14.99
Crayola Gel Color Pencils- $17.72
Crayola Artist Color Pencils- $19.97
Yarka Student Watercolors- $5.99
Prang Student Watercolors- $6.99
Crayola Educator Watercolors- $6.29
Richeson Student Watercolors- $7.95
Daler Rowney AquafineWatercolors- $15.99
Lukas Aquarelle Watercolors- $16.99
Chameleon Color Tones Markers- $110
Chameleon Color Tops IndieGoGo- $40
Artist Loft Watercolors- $10
Prima Marketing Tropicals :$15
Prima Marketing Classics: $15
Jane Davenport Watercolor Set, Brights (at 50% off)- $31, I paid $15
Jane Davenport Mermaid Markers- $41
Jane Davenport Mermaid Markers, set of 5- $25
Jane Davenport Inkredible Inks: $4.79 each (x4)
Bainyo Watercolor Set: $13
Jerry Q Watercolor Set- $17

Estimated Total: $457.04

Burn It Box:
Winter: $20 for materials+ $20 shipping
Spring: $20 for materials+ $15 shipping
Summer: $20 for materials+ $20 shipping

Total Spent So Far: $115

Total Spent: $5,762.04
Total Earnings: -$3,814.94

Goals for Next Year:

  • Increase visibility and reach on Youtube and for this blog
  • Cover all blog and channel costs either by increased support, increased revenue, or decreased spending
  • Finish Watercolor Basics Series
  • Finish Intro to Comic Craft Series
  • Begin wrapping up the blog- I want to end it in 2019 and move the series to PDFs
  • Offer alternatives to Patreon, as Patreon has been rude to creators and now charges the Patrons fees
  • Begin offering legacy series as sectioned PDF's for sale on Gumroad and free to Artnerds
  • Offer the Natto Scholarship again, this time with three prizes
  • More marker tutorials
  • Depending on financial support, may resume Scrawlrbox monthly unboxings and demonstrations

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