Inktober Warmup Highlights

For almost every day in October, I tried to fill three pages with warmup sketches, all done with a Pentel brushpen.  Loose, gestural, and often full of mistakes, these sketches were intended to help me practice folds, figures, and faces without relying on construction.  Rather than subject you to 60 pages of sketches, I thought I'd share the highlights here.

My goals for these warmups were:

  • Study folds
  • Study shading
  • Practice gauging distance with eyes, not by using construction
  • Practice gesture
  • Practice flow

I filled three pages per day, as a bit of a test exercise for the 600 page sketchbook challenge I hope to tackle in January 2018.  I have no qualms with filling a 600 page sketchbook with studies- that's 600 pages of studies that needed to happen for my artistic improvement.  The real challenge was not filling the pages, it was finding reference that hit on the topics I wanted to practice, so to slay the 600 page challenge, I'm going to need to enter prepared with topics I need to practice.

Want to see all 60 pages?  How about early access to all of my Inktober illustrations, as well as monthly PDF sketchbooks including not only sketches, but finished work?  Join my community of Artnerds, and you'll get access to monthly sketchbooks, as well as my library of comics and zines.


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