Why You Should Participate in Inktober

Why You Should Participate in Inktober

  • You'll produce a body of work
  • Much of what you produce can be used for your portfolio
  • You're pushing your limits
  • You're learning more about time management and scheduling

How should you participate:

  • Whatever is feasible and reasonable for you
  • Since this is a 'challenge', you should push yourself in some manner this can involve
    • Working with a medium you're unfamiliar with
    • Trying a new style
    • Working in a shorter timeframe
    • Working in a longer timeframe
    • Working along a particular theme
    • Drawing content out of your comfortzone
    • Developing a project that's been backburnered
    • Collaborating with friends
    • Forgiving mistakes and leaving them visible in your work
    • Ink a comic

Small ways to participate in Inktober:

  • Ink old sketches
  • Trade lineart with a friend or a group of friends
  • Try digital toning
  • Follow a tutorial
  • Emulate an artist you admire
  • Try crosshatching
  • Practice textures

Don't have time to ink, but still want to participate?

  • Feature one artist per day on your Twitter/Tumblr/Instagram whose inking you admire
  • Share tutorials

Use the Hashtag- or don't- it's up to you

What materials should you use?

  • Whatever is feasible and affordable for you, but Inktober is a great time to try new things
  • Traditional artist?  Go digital
  • Digital artist?  Consider trying traditional

  • Or do a mix!

Recommended materials:


  • Clip Studio Paint
  • Frendan's brushsets


  • Sumi brushes
  • Sumi Ink
  • Reed Pens
  • Sable brushes
  • Brush pens
  • Fude pens
  • Colored inks
  • Dip Pens
  • G Nibs
  • Crowquill nibs

Where to share your work:

  • Stream it to Youtube or Twitch
  • Record it for Youtube
  • Instagram
  • Tumblr
  • Twitter
  • Your portfolio

Remember to:

  • Tag your work
  • Comment on the work of others
  • Be respectful and considerate
  • Push yourself to grow
  • Have fun!


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