Recommended Products of 2015

It's a little late for year end reviews, , but a boatload of end of, and beginning of, year travelling can really wreck havoc with one's ability to get everything up as soon as possible.  I beg your forgiveness, and I hope you'll still give this list a glance.

I reviewed A LOT of products in 2015, and while some of them were disappointing duds, many of them really impressed me.  I thought I'd take my favorite products reviewed in 2015 and compile them into a handy dandy list.

Blick Studio Brush Marker- Review   Color Guide/Gift Guide
Zig Brushables Review- in progress Video Get Your Own
Winsor & Newton Watercolor Markers  Review  Video Tutorial  Get Your Own
Up and Up waterbased markers Review
Crayola Supertip waterbased markers- Review   Get Your Own
Prismacolor Pencils for gesture sketching- Not reviewed on blog, but often shown in my various sketchdumps Get Your Own
Zig Art and Graphic Twin  Review Get your Own
DoCrafts Artiste Watercolor Markers Review Get your Own
Sailor Mitsuo Aida- Review Get Your Own
Artbin Marker Storage- Video Review coming up soon Get Your Own Extra Tray
Derwent Inktense Color Pencils- Not officially reviewed, used on 7" Kara pages and watercolor illustrations- Get Your Own
Derwent Coloursoft- Not yet officially reviewed- Get Your Own
Strathmore Toned Tan Paper- Review Get Your Own
Gatorboard-Watercolor Paper Stretching Tutorial- Get Your Own
Pentel Touch Fude Pen  Review  Get Your Own


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