December 2015 Sketch Dump

Some of this may have been briefly covered in the December 2015 sketchbook tour. I shared here not too long ago.  Since none of you indicated a preference between sketchbook scans and sketchbook tours, and I'll need the scans for my 2015-2016 ashcan, I figured I might as well over share a little bit.  There's plenty of new sketches to make up for any you may have already seen.

I have a fairly sizable amount of sketches, watercolors, and inks to share, so I decided to break it up into smaller chunks dictated by theme.  This week I'm also sharing my yoga studies, January 2016 sketches, recent watercolor studies, and miscellaneous color work from the past couple months.

My main themes for late November and December were spontaneous inks from life (inked with a Pentel Kirari (link), pencil color sketches of dancers, and fine line sketches of household utensils (inked with a Marvy LePen).  There's also lots of fashion (from The Sartorialist as well as Microfashion and plus size fashion), and doodles of Kara, from my comic, 7" Kara.

Drawing emotions from text-based emoticons is one of my favorite ways to practice when I'm feeling a bit brain-dead.

My male cat, Bowie, the spoiled prince


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