Monday, November 02, 2015

Using Marker with Watercolor- Succulent Studies

There's something really special about being able to purchase an original piece of art at a show.  I love purchasing and commissioning originals- I greatly prefer them to prints for my own home. I try to have original art available for purchase that suits the type of show I'm tabling at.  At anime conventions, I sell original mini fanarts, at ALA, I sold original Kara illustrations, and at indie shows, I sometimes offer original botanical illustrations.  The botanical illustrations are useful to me as studies, and I can re-utilize the images later as stickers.  I usually sell these little 6"x6" originals for $15-$20, but unfortunately for me, most consumers mistake them for prints, even when I explain that they are not.

If you enjoy any of the below originals, you can purchase them from me through the Paypal link in the sidebar- simply make sure your shipping address is viewable to me, and state which you would like.  These illustrations are $15 each, + $3 for shipping.

I really enjoy working with alcohol based markers and watercolors together- the alcohol inks stay vibrant and unmuddied regardless of how many layers of watercolor you apply.  For these, I used a combination of favorites- Copic Sketches, Blick Studio Brush markers, and Shin Han Twin Touches.

The originals are signed and wrapped up for travel, just waiting to go to good homes.

Thanks for reading. Check out these products.