October 2015 Sketchdump

I'm trying to get better about the whole 'doing sketchdumps sorta nearish the time when they were drawn'.  The problem with drawing a lot is that the more you draw, the more you have to scan, the more you have to color correct, the more you have to upload, well I think you guys get the drill.  I love the whole drawing bit, and I like the whole sharing it with you guys part, it's the in-between that's kinda annoying.

I used to be pretty darn good about doing a sketchdump once a month, but when I ramped up the convention thing, I didn't really make time to scan sketches.  Now that I'm toning down the conventions, it's easier to make time more often, so I don't overwhelm you with massive sketchdumps that span three months.  One month is fine, three months is just unreasonable, especially when you think about how much sketching I do.

It's easy to tell what my focus of study is for any sketchdump.  This month, it's ballerinas and later, ink studies.  I've also done some bouquet studies and work in a toned tan drawing book, but those aren't included in this post.  I'll try to post those, and the kid watercolor studies I did awhile back, sometime soon.


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