Sunday, October 25, 2015

Recommended Reading

This is already a sidebar feature, and has been for some time, but I know many of you read through RSS or subscription, so you miss out on the sidebar features.  For this standalone post, I've also added A LOT of new resources that you may find interesting, and have provided Amazon links for books.  Ordering books or purchasing Kindle editions not only helps to support the creators, who see a cut of the profits without having to store the actual books, but by using the Amazon affiliate links I've provided, you're also supporting this blog.

For those of you pursuing your art education at home, I highly recommend these books and online resources.  With these resources, a little ingenuity, and a good online and in person comic and illustration community, you can cobble together a do-it-yourself art education.

Other Artists Who Write About Comics

Podcasts and Youtube-Comic Centric

Other Art Supply Review Blogs

Pen Reviews

Manufacutor and Store Blogs

Shows and Conventions

How To and Process Youtube Channels

Do you have any recommendations that I missed?  Send me an email, and let me know!  I'll not only amend this list, but the sidebar list as well.  Do you run a comic craft, art supply review, or tutorial blog?  Let me know about that as well!

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