Tuesday, October 13, 2015

PSA: This Blog Also Has a Youtube Channel

Those of you who check out the mainpage for this blog are probably familiar with my sidebar, and my sidebar polls.  Not so terribly long ago, I asked what you guys would like to see more of, and eleven of you voted for more tutorials.  In another poll, Copic and watercolor tutorials tied for first place regarding what SORT of tutorials you'd like to see.  In a THIRD poll, some of you voted that you'd like to see more artists featured here, and I'm currently working on the forms necessary for that.  And at the time of writing this, I'm running a poll regarding how you would prefer tutorials be presented, but I can assume that quite a few of you would like video tutorials, and would possibly enjoy more video content.

I don't promote it as much as I SHOULD on this blog, but I have a Youtube channel with all sorts of fantastic, useful content.  I started uploading interviews, tutorial, and process in 2012, and have been doing so fairly steadily for the past three years.  As with this blog, my Youtube channel has no sponsors, and is funded entirely out of my own pocket, in conjunction with the donation of Joseph's time as a video editor.  While Youtube ads (and the much needed revenue) are in the near future for this channel, right now it's ad free.

Artist Interviews

Joseph has interviewed artists on behalf of this blog for years, so if you're an aspiring comic or convention artist, I highly recommend you peruse those playlists, and maybe even share them with your friends.   If you're interested in artist features, you should definitely check out these playlists- there's years of great content in here!

MoCCA-Fest 2012 Artist Interviews
SPX 2013 Artist Interviews
MoCCA-Fest 2013 Artist Interviews
MoCCA-fest 2014 Artist Interviews
SPACE 2014 Artist Interviews
MTAC 2014 Artist Interviews
APE 2014 Artist Interviews
GMX 2014 Artist Interviews
MCFC 2014 Artist Interviews
MTAC 2015 Artist Interviews
FCBD 2015 Artist Interviews
TCAF 2015 Artist Interviews
ALA 2015 Artist Interviews

Workshops and Panels

I've done quite a few workshops and panels with Heidi Black over the years, and we've recorded several for readers who can't make it to the convention.

Anime South East Comic Craft Panel
Self Publishing Panel
Professional Comic and Illustrator Panels (watercolor, Copic, Intro to Artist Alley, and the MTAC 2015 panels have yet to be uploaded, so there's more to come!)


While I plan on creating many more video tutorials, you should definitely check out the ones I already have up on my Youtube channel!

Advanced Inking Techniques
Tutorials (A mixture of full length tutorials and at-home workshops, including using watercolor markers and time lapse paintings)

As ANY creator on Youtube will request, I also ask that you consider subscribing, and liking any videos that were helpful to you.  Not only does this let me know what content you would like to see more of, but it ALSO lets Youtube know that you enjoy my content, and that effects not only recommendations for other people, but ALSO effects how much of my work shows up in your Subscriptions feed.

I'm currently on really ramping up how many tutorials I upload to Youtube- I've purchased a better camcorder, an arm to hold the camera above my work, and I'm improving lighting in my studio.   Once these things are squared away, I plan on creating lots of great Tutorial content- alcohol based marker tutorials and mini reviews, watercolor tutorials and mini reviews, and inking tutorials.  These sort of quality improvements are not free (or sponsored!) so if you enjoy this content, or benefitted from it, please do consider donating to my Paypal sidebar tip jar.  Donors are recognized in the Special Thanks section of my sidebar, and donations are always used to purchase more art supplies to review.