Thursday, April 17, 2014

MTAC Announcement

This weekend I'll be at MTAC with an artist's table.  I'm a little thrown, to be honest, because the 'artist alley' is located in three separate halls rather than an actual room, and I still don't know my table assignment.  You'll just have to check out my Twitter tomorrow morning to find out (when I do) exactly where I"m located in the alley!  The list has me as Nattisoup (what?), so if you were searching for 'Nattosoup' that could explain why nothing came up.

A larger map
MTAC is this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and while I didn't do a full demo setup, I did do a quick test run.

I'll have the full range of goodies including:

  • Mini watercolors
  • 7" Kara Volume 1
  • Sketch commisions
  • A variety of buttons
  • Charms
  • Sailor Scout Badges

Just a few of the brand new mini watercolors I'll have ready for MTAC.

I'll also have copies of my brand new mini watercolor sketchbook, so please come by and say hi!