Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Belated Christmas Presents

 This year, I wanted to send little Christmas presents to a few of my artist friends.  I didn't really have much of a budget for buying or mailing, and since I was heading to Luling for the holiday, I didn't really have room for heavy supplies.  I settled on doing ATCs of their webcomic characters (or in Frankie's case, ATCs of him and Eric, the hosts of the Videogame Playing Friends Club.

My time in Luling went by pretty quickly--working on commissions and doing paying freelance ate up a lot of time, but I managed to get the basic blueline sketches done.  Finishing these little watercolors took longer than I initially expected, but I've managed to get all but two delivered to their owners (I'm bad and still haven't mailed two of them).

The process itself is pretty simple and has been covered in more depth here, but the sheer number of mini watercolors became overwhelming for me.  I ended up painting 12 mini watercolors, when initially I'd only planned on doing one character each.  This was because so many of these comics feature two main characters, and I didn't want to have to pick favorites.

In order to attempt to do this efficiently, I treated painting these little watercolors like an assembly line.  Everything was done in batches.  Washes were applied in batches, skintones applied in batches, mini watercolors were grouped by similarities. 

 Heidi Black's  Oz and Cass from her comic, Dealing with Trolls.

 Cassie Freire's Mela and Pera from her comic, Catnip Circle.

 Frankie Coleman and Eric Lide, the hosts of Videogame Playing Friends Club, a Youtube channel of videogame silliness.

 Chris Paulsen's Bud Ovens and Autumn Pingo from his webcomic, Precocious.

 Eric Lide's Ozzie and Kimmie from his webcomic, Ozzie the Vampire.

A faun fawn for my friend, Alex Hoffman

 Pat Lapierre's Risky from his comic, Risky Slugger.