Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Copic Sketch Super Brush VS. Copic Original Optional Nib

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Recently I was asked about the differences between the Copic Sketch Super Brush and the Brush Optional Nib for Copic Originals.  Not being a Copic Original owner (I have Sketches, Ciaos, and Wides), I took advantage of the question to justify giving the Copic Original a little test spin.

I don't have a DickBlick in Nashville, so while I was in Columbus for Ohayocon (more on that later!) I took advantage of the situation and made sure to stop by their DickBlick.  While there, I picked up a Copic Original (Duck Blue), some Copic Original optional brush nibs, and yet another pack of brush nibs (this is my third pack, ahaha).  Copic Original products come with blue packaging, Copic Sketch packaging is lavender.

As you can see, the Copic Original nibs have a little square metal bit, whereas the Copic Sketch nibs do not.

 From top to bottom, Copic Ciao, Copic Sketch, Copic Original with optional brush nib.  The Copic Caio and Sketch both use the Copic Sketch Super brush.

The Copic Original optional brush nibs come with little stickers that you can attack to the cap that contains the new nib, so you don't have to fumble around for the brush end.

Another comparison of the Super Brushes with the optional nibs.  Bonus!  A shot of the spare nibs I bought to use in my Ciaos that never actually fit.

You'll need a few supplies for replacing your Copic Original chisel nibs with the optional brush.  The nibs are a must, but also useful are the serrated Copic tweezers.  I've seen them available in brick and mortar Dick Blick stores, but you can also get them on official Copic website.

 Freshly installed nib.  It took a little pushing to get the nib in, but the metal bit holds the nib securely in place.  Given how hard it was to put in, there maybe a little trouble removing the optional brush nib, but you should be able to do so if you grasp the metal bit.
 After the ink has saturated the nib.

 Personally, I would have preferred if the optional nib replaced the bullet nib, but this is because I'm not a fan of bullet nibs. 
 Top: Copic Original, bottom: Copic Sketch.  As you can see, the Copic Sketch Super brush nib is much larger than the optional brush nib, and a bit more flexible, but the Optional brush nib is still pretty flexible.
So overall, I think the optional nib is pretty comparable to the Super Brush.  If you own a collection of Copic Original markers and don't really utilize your chisel nibs, the optional brush may be just the upgrade needed to breathe new life into your collection.  At 3 for 4.94 (DickBlick Columbus), it's certainly cheaper than replacing an existing collection.