Sunday, January 19, 2014

Late December 2013 Early January 2014 Sketchdump

I've been trying to work more color into my sketchbook.  Mostly it's with little Copic marker sketches.  I feel like using waxy non-photo blue leads for underdrawing sorta limits the color media I can use in my sketchbook, and I don't necessarily like doing digital coloring on my own work.

The linework on some of these gets a little gross.  While attempting to drop the non photo blue in Photoshop, I end up losing a little of the fidelity of the lines, as shown in the illustration of a little witch below.

Ohayocon is coming up toward the end of January, so a lot of these little inked doodles will end up as new buttons.  These days, I ink almost everything I sketch, and everything is inked with either a .1 Micron or a Kuretake Fudegokochi fude (sign) pen.  I've reviewed such pens in the past, and Kuretake's is my favorite. 

A little apprentice witch.  Inked straight into my sketchbook over non-photo blue, which I dropped in Photoshop.

I have a couple Asian ball jointed dolls- Clover (a Bambicrony YOSD with the Marian headsculpt and stock face up) and Aloe (a tiny Xagadoll with the Candy headsculpt and stock faceup).  Originally I bought Clover as a size reference for Kara, but she's a bit taller than Kara would be.  Even with reference RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME (the dolls themselves), I've always found them hard to draw.  This is just fude pen over non photo blue lead.

 A couple little cuties for stickers/buttons.

Some Kara interacting with insects gestures.  Ladybug, dragonfly, ants, spiders.  Blick pencil color in sketchbook.

Another little cutie, plus some Powerpuff Girls.  It's apparently their 15th anniversary.  My how time flies.  Did yall know I did a mini comic based on my childhood obsession with this show?  You can find it toward the bottom of my Comics page.

 Like most artists, if I'm feeling a particularly strong emotion, I may use that as reference for my characters.  Kara is sulking because I was having a crummy day.  This may be important reference for upcoming chapters.

A little Copic doodle in my sketchbook.  For those of you interested in doing the same, I don't bother with a pencil underdrawing, I sketch in .5 Copic Multiliner.  I let it dry a little while, so it won't smear, and stick a sheet of cardstock underneith if I care about the sketches beneath the one I'm working on.

Beneath it was a skintone demo I whipped up for my Tumblr.

Some sketches from The Sartorialist.

Noodling with sketching and markering methods.  Markers on tracing paper.

Some marker noodle headshots in my sketchbook.

More fude pen cuties for upcoming stickers and buttons.

I uh, realized I needed to redo my reference for Naomi (introduced in Chapter 4 of Kara).  The old reference was too dated to be useful.