Herein lie the mini comic pages of Becca Hillburn.   They're drawn in a variety of media, but mostly technical pen and brush pen.

Minicomics: (from oldest to newest)

Deconstruction Comic: Spring 2011, Copic Multiliners, Pentel Brushpen, smooth Bristol.

Satellite, SPRING 2011, Copic Multiliners and Pentel Brushpen on plate finish Bristol.  - Published in SCAD's 2011 anthology, Travel, included in the 2011 Ashcan.

 AHOY: Spring 2011, Self published 8 page mini comic available online and at attended conventions, Multiliners, Pentel Pocket Brush on smooth finish Bristol.


One Shot Strips:  Spring 2011, Available in 2011 Ashcan, Copic marker for tone, Multiliner, Brush pen, on smooth Bristol.

FROM EARTH TO SATURN:  Summer 2011  Copics, Multiliners, Plate Bristol.  Available in Ashcan 2011

Micro Mini Comic-Chat (cat)

In the Dark

Momotaro, 8 page minicomic based off the Japanese fairytale of the same name.

THE FIVE STAGES OF COMICS:  Inked entirely in fude pen.  Drawn for inclusion in the FLUKE minicomic convention's anthology.  2012

WHEN I WAS 13- Started in October 2011, picked up again in April 2012.  A short autobio comic about obsession, fangirling, and Gundam Wing.

WHEN I WAS 13- I REDISCOVERED CARTOONS Started and Completed Summer of 2012.  A short autobio story about more fangirling, obsession, cartoons, and the Power Puff Girls.

Excerpts from 7" Kara

 Selected pages from recent chapters of my longform watercolor comic, 7" Kara.  More information about this comic here.  This comic is currently only available in print form, both in my shop and at conventions.

Chapter 1:


Chapter 2