Nattoshop Updated!

It took a lot of doing, but the Nattoshop is finally updated, and just in time for the holidays!

The Nattoshop is my online store, and it's gone sadly neglected for a really long time.  Part of this is due to me wanting to wait until the convention season was over before listing stock, since it's somewhat of a hassle to get the store updated , and part of it was that I needed to get decent photographs of my stock.  Now that Nekocon is over and the holidays are here, it's a perfect time to check out my shop!

I've listed a variety of popular items, including my new clear Ink It Labs acrylic charms, a variety of button designs, and my mini watercolors.  I've always added some new commission options, including cheaper inked commission options.

To celebrate the stocked shop, I've introduced three coupon codes that can be used separately or all together.  The coupon code "HolidayHomemade" will save 10% on all custom commission purchases.  "TinselandBells" gives you 20% all stocking stuffers like buttons and charms.  "WeeLittleFanarts" saves 20% off all existing mini watercolors in stock.  These coupons are good from now until December 15th.


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