Anime Weekend Atlanta Table Announcement

Heidi edited the normal AWA Artist Alley map to make this fantastic zoom in to show off the best island, the G island.  While other table islands surely have their perks, Island G is concentrated awesome.  Heidi and I are G10 and G11, toward the back, Emily Kluwin is G9, and Julie Wright, a fantastic artist we met at Interventioncon two years ago, is G12.

Here's the full map, for reference.

If you missed  my beautiful double sided clear acrylic charms at SPX, there's still a chance to get them at AWA.  I offer them three ways- as phone lanyards (including a earphone jack post for iPhone users!), keychains, and necklaces, with no additional charge.  I'm working on rebuilding my stock of mini watercolors, and will have copies of 7" Kara chapter 1 and 2 (possibly your chance before I stop selling the individual issues in favor of a collected volume).  I'll have a variety of buttons and will be taking two kinds of commissions (sketch and watercolor) commissions as well.

Lastly, Heidi and I will be putting on two panels- an all-ages Drink and Draw event Friday at 9:00pm:

which is open to all artists, regardless of whether or not they're tabling.  For those of you who are curious, Heidi and myself will not be imbibing alcohol, so there's no fear of drunken mishaps on our part.  I do request that because it's an all ages event, participants keep it classy

Our other panel is a business practices panel held on Saturday at 12:30.  We're hosting it with Angela Sasser, so you should come check it out if you have time!


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