MoCCA-fest 2013 Interviews

Much like last year's MoCCA-fest, this year was another opportunity for Joseph Coco to make his rounds, interviewing exhibitors. We view the interviews as triply beneficial in that it 1. Creates excellent content for my blog found nowhere else, 2. Gives artists additional exposure, and 3. Not only introduces the audience to new artists, but gives a sneak peak of their comics and convention table. While he's going around conducting interviews, Joseph has a fantastic opportunity to check out what's being sold at the convention, as well as get a general feel for the vibe for that year, an opportunity I often miss when I'm behind the table.

As much as I would like to perform the interviews myself, Joseph's contribution is essential for a variety of reasons. I'm horrifically shy, and would have difficultly approaching artists I wasn't familiar with, whereas Joseph is fearless. Both of us have experience conducting interviews, but he's much better at asking questions off the cuff. My main reason for attending MoCCA-fest was to help man the table, and so I couldn't dedicate hours to interviewing other attendees, but Joseph's main reason to attend was to purchase comics and perform interviews.

Since MoCCA-Fest, I've been slowly uploading interviews to my Youtube account with the intention of posting them here once all were uploaded.  Last week, I returned to Luling, where my internet connection is unreliable, so updates were slower than I'd liked, but now they're all up on Youtube, so here they are, all in one place.

Heidi Black- ElectricAbyss- The Art of Heidi Black

Eric Lide- Ozzie and Station Square

Ellis Rosen- The Shadow's Nose

Pat Lapierre- The Hugging Club

Joe Ryan- Super 

Anna Raff

Colin Goh- Yumcha Studios

David B. Quinn- The Littlest B

Henry Gustavson- Bill the Cockroach

Liz and Jimmy Reed- Cuddles and Rage

Neil Dvorak- Easy Pieces Comic

Nick Sousanis- Spin Weave and Cut

Sara Peck and MadyG


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