Outline for A Manifesto for the Internet Savvy Artist

I'm writing a manifesto for my art history class- Virtuality and the Public Sphere, and I thought I'd share the rough outline here.  It's a topic I've touched on many times before, and one near and dear to my heart, so it's a pleasure to write about.


A Manifesto for the Internet Savvy Artist

-necessity for such a manifesto to exist
-what's wrong with the current environment
-huge pockets of hostility- Tumblr,DeviantArt.com, boards on ConceptArt.org

due to a lack of respect and proper online etiquette
-With exception of Tumblr, DA and CA were started with the intention

of helping artists across the board, providing a positive community for artists to

participate in
-unfortunately, it's hard to enforce/police this
-change has to come from within
-Some sites encourage this- (http://itcamefromdeviantart.tumblr.com/

NSFW!!!) (http://artist-confessions.tumblr.com/--http://artist-


to-no ) (http://deviantartconfessions.tumblr.com/ ) with the intention of shaming

other artists publicly

-social justice movement

Points of Manifesto

-Contribute more than consume.
-A sympathetic ear
-Tough love
-Ensure the distribution of freely available resources
-Don't be a dead end.
-Reblog, retweet, share with other artists who might be interested.
-Do not steal the fruits of others' labors
-Give credit where credit is due
-Participate publicly in intelligent discourse whenever possible
-Promote the advancement of the art community in general, and the communities you

participate in in particular
-Excel by one's own efforts
-Plant the seed for a new generation of artists
-Reward and recognize hard work, in self and others
-Do not negate the efforts of others nor yourself
-Do not be blinded by false fame
-Help others in honest need whenever possible
-Not slander other artists, nor their work
-If help is needed, be brave enough to ask or to give.
-Do not expect a free ride.
-Do not take the easy road
-Do not go down without a fight
-Do not take without giving
-Do not substitute traditional techniques and hard work for easy digital tricks.
-A bad traditional technique is more convincing than a mediocre digital

attempt to recreate a good traditional technique.
-Photoshop can not save everything.
-Nobody's buyin' those filters.
-Do not be afraid to invest time. The return is rarely immediately worth the

-Don't let others dictate your success.
-Take responsibility for personal success and failure.
-Know when to make necessary changes.
-Be particular about venting in public spheres
-Be respectful to other artists, regardless of skill level
-Encourage and respect drive in yourself and others

What these points will achieve:

-Improved overall online artistic community
-Environment where newer artists can solicit necessary guidance
-Environment where more experienced artists are admired and respected
-Better distribution of resources and information
-Improvement of available resources
-Self-actualized young artists who can perpetuate this system
-An online environment similar to art schools and atliers
-A better approximation of a digital meritocracy

Sites that espouse some of these beliefs:



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