February Art Dump

My last semester at SCAD has kept me pretty busy between finishing up my thesis comic, revising my thesis paper, and keeping up with my last art history class.  Unfortunately, that makes updating a little difficult to juggle, but I think I've done a much better job than last semester.  Granted, I'm not nursing a nasty staph infection, just a demanding class and a thesis paper that makes me question what I was thinking when I originally structured it.  Actually, I know what I was thinking.  It started out quite structured, but revisions seemed to get tacked on slapdash.

Last semester, I didn't take many in-process photos of 7" Kara chapter 1, and I've been waiting to post the finished pages online until I've hit a sustainable page rate.  This semester, I'll try to take more in-process photos so I can share them.

Here's a few sketches I've managed to complete here and there.  It starts off with some sketches done while visiting the Biltmore Estate, then there's a whole lot of Kara (as usual) and some comic-concept.


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