Cleaning Palettes in Dishwasher

Watercolor palettes don't really require a lot of upkeep- most of the time, you just rinse them off and wipe them down and they're ready for another use.

This is a great method for always-clean watercolor palettes if you're particularly on the ball or neat and tidy.  I am not.  I have a lot of palettes (I like to let the watercolor dry and reactivate it when necessary, it helps keep my colors consistent when I'm working on larger projects), and sometimes all these palettes happen to be dirty at the same time (more often than not, actually).  When this happens, I'll give them a good long soak in the tub with some dish soap, scrub out most of the dried pigment, and then pop them in my dishwasher to get them really clean.  I don't recommend washing palettes with your regular dishes, as there are many pigments that are toxic when consumed, and even several good scrubbings may not result in really clean palettes.

Before running the dishwasher



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