This banner felt like it took forever to do, and I probably went about it entirely wrong.  The sketch and inking stages were pretty par for the Photoshop course, and I was a fool and decided to work AT SIZE (6'x2.5' at 300 DPI).  This really bit me in the rear when it came to coloring and blending.  As you can tell, I kinda gave up on trying to get nice, subtle blends as it was taking a literal minute between blending brushstrokes. 

I'm not really sure what the solution to these sorts of problems are.  I was working on a fairly new desktop computer using CS5.  I wasn't running any programs besides Photoshop (because I tend to be a ten thousand tab queen), and my desktop has eight gigs of highspeed DDR3 RAM.  Fortunately, a banner is a once every two years kind of expense, so I won't have to make another this size any time soon.  I got the banner printed using Vistaprints, and I am fairly happy with the quality, although that is a much much later post.


  1. Looks good. The Julia leaning in pose may be exaggerated (the shoulder alignment) and Sammy's hair looks a little flat.


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