Saturday, July 09, 2011

Art Dump!

@distillum's Rob, reference for a larger piece.  It was interesting converting her character to my lazy rut way of drawing.
Lolitas!  For a larger project.  And a not fluffy enough pom, she's based off an ex of mine's.  Ginger looked like a little fox, she was so fluffless.  Sooo cute!
And a Princess Peach in that same really cute, really lazy style.  I am a huge fan of Princess Peach.  And oh hey, look, my lame-o goals too!  You can enjoy the peach AND mock me!
More cute potential charms!  Milk and cereal!  Unicorns!
Cosplay sketch idea of an altered white mage.  I am actually obsessed with white mages right now.  And an attempt to draw Remi in the Pokemon style, which I abandoned in frustration.  It really wasn't necessary to my survival anyway.
Foiled stuff.
More foiled stuff.
Figure study stuff.
I really like her shoes.